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From the Cellar ASL Scenario Pack #10




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Welcome to “Sand & Snow” a themed HASL issue of From the Cellar, which examines two critical battles that the United States Marine Corps fought in WW2 and in Korea. The two battles (Tarawa and Toktong Pass) that this pack looks at could not be more different in geography, weather and enemy capabilities. As an ASL player you will have to adapt to the changing conditions just as the Marines who participated in these battles had to do.

PLEASE NOTE: To play the Tarawa scenarios you will need the map from MMP's Blood Reef Tarawa module, as well as a map extension downloaded from the publisher's webpage.



FT294: Cannonball & Company's Run

FT295: A Toe Hold on Red Beach 3

FT296: Go Get your Feet Wet, Boys

FT297: Black Beach Rendez-Vous

FT298: Finishing off the Tailenders

FT299: The Pocket

FT300: Fox in the Cold

FT301: Chinese Machinations

FT302: We Will Hold

FT303: Ridgeline Rondez-Vous

Please visit the publisher's website for detailed scenario info:



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