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General Magazine - Fortress Europa

Number: 17.4




Price £4.95
Game Series

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Theme:      Magazines and Books      Pre-Owned     

Minor shelf-wear from long-term storage, rusty staples. Remains perfectly legible.

General Vol.17, No.4 Nov-Dec 1980

- Contest 98 (Asylum Murder Mystery)


The Von Stauffenberg Plan
- German Strategy in Fortress Europa D.Perlman

Flying Cap
- PBM Rules for Fortress Europa D.Eisan

Design Analysis
- Fortress Europa Errata and Clarifications A.Moon

Optional Rules for Fortress Europa
- FE Tidbits D.Eisan, R.Hamblen, A.Moon

Dirty Weather Cruising
- Weather Rules for Midway L.D.Ross

The Niscemi-Biscari Highway
- Part Two of a Cross of Iron Series Replay M.Anderson, S.Spoulos, C.Allen

The Asylum #11 A.Moon

TKO in Three
- Japanese Strategy in Victory in the Pacific A.Moon

The Tory and Indian War
- A 1776 Scenario V.O'Neil

The Wizard's Best
- Strategy in Wizard's Quest Capt.B.Degi

Bug Forts and Terran Tanks
- Additional Units for Starship Troopers S.Sanders, J.Long

Battle of Brussels
- Allied Strategy in Napoleon A.Moon

Question Box
- Midway, Victory in the Pacific

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