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General Magazine - Geronimo

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- Contest #177 (LONDON'S BURNING)
- ASL Scenario G31: Point of the Sword. Langrune-Sur-Mer, France, 6 June 1944.
- ASL Scenario G32: A Helping Hand. St.George-D'Elle, France, 13 June 1944.
- variants counter sheet

GERONIMO 101 - Strategic Considerations in GERONIMO by C.Bahl

Design Analysis - Random Acts of Violence- Design and Play Theory for GERONIMO by R.Berg

Evoking More Visions- Additional Random Events for GERONIMO by A.Arvold

Question Box - GERONIMO

The Causes and Strategy of the Second Punic War - Historical Keys to HANNIBAL Rby .Berthold

Testimony to an Epic Stuggle - First Look at HANNIBAL: ROVE VS. CARTHAGE by S.Tucker

How to be an Avalon Hill AIR BARON - Preview of a New Game by E.Davis

Series Replay - AIR BARON - Deregulate Competition at its Best with D.Greenwood, B.Levay, M.Simonitch S.Tucker, B.Knight

Staff Briefing - An Interview with Ben Knight by S.Tucker

Sweden Makes Eight - A Variant and Scenario for EMPIRES IN ARMS by J.Lawler

Next Generation - Civilized from the Start - An Analysis of the Nations in CIVILIZATION by M.Mahaffey

Good Habits for PC ADVANCED CIVILIZATION- Manage Your Next Game Better by M.& C.Welker

Infiltrator's Report

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