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General Magazine - Gladiator

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General Vol.18, No.4 Nov-Dec 1981

- SL Scenario L: The Long Road. S of Andriba, Madagascar, 16 Sep 1942.
- Contest 104 (Gladiator)


- The Subject, The Game, & Expansion of the Arena T.Springsteen

Defense Modifications for Gladiator
- Variant for Gladiator D.Greenwood

The Wisdom Of The Arena
- Assessing Your Chances in GLADIATOR R.Medrow

Squad Leader Survey
- How the Public Perceives the Scenarios J.Suchar

Tactical Level Luftwaffe
- Combat Resolution at a More Vivid Scale K.Erbey

Home Before The Snow Falls
- A WAR & PEACE 1812 Scenario Series Replay B.Parsons, C.Bruegge, M.McLaughlin

Squad Leader Clinic
- Wire and its Effects in the SL Game System J.Mishcon

An Interview With Alan R. Moon D.Greenwood

Air Drop On Crete
- Strategy For Both Sides in AAOC D.Eisan

Assault From The Air By Mail
- A PBM System for AAOC D.Eisan

On To Berlin
- Balancing the Fortress Europa Scenario J.Eliason

The Asylum #16 A.Moon

British Strategy In WAR AT SEA
- Six Ways to Domination for the European Theatre R.Freeman

Back To Basics
- Basic German Alternatives in AFRIKA KORPS R.Beyma

The Question Box
- Gladiator, Circus Maximus, D-Day

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