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General Magazine - New World

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Very Good Condition Copy (rusty staples).

JAN-FEB 1993

New World – “Native Policy in New World” (Strategy) Michael Anchors

New World – “Puppet Masters- Non-player nations for New World” (Variant Discussion) Trevor Bender

Great Campaigns of the American Civil War– “The last full measure of devotion- Effective use of cavalry in the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War” (Strategy) Scott E. Schul

Stonewall Jackson's Way – “Blind man's bluff..Stonewall style” (Variant) Carlo J.Amato

Empires in Arms – “Walk a mile for a camel- Turkish options for Empires in Arms” (Strategy) William J. Sariego

Titan – “Mastery of the board -A new approach to Titan” (Variant) Brian Carpenter

“Myths of the Pearl Harbour attack after 50 years” (Historical) David W.Richman

Civilization – “Rhetoric of Games-Vignettes of Ancient life” (Discussion) Jared Scarborough

“Return to Never Never land- Avaloncon '94” (Discussion) Don Greenwood(and friends)

Advanced Squad Leader – “Habbaniya Heights - ASL Scenario G23” (Scenario)

Advanced Squad Leader – “Mountain comes to Mohammed- ASL Scenario G24” (Scenario)

Battle of the Bulge – “Ardennes Breakthrough II- Suggested opening moves for the German player” (Strategy) Randy Heller and John B.Grant Jr.

Colonial Diplomacy – “Wonders of the World- A Colonial Diplomacy preview” (Discussion) Peter Hawes

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