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General Magazine - The Pacific War

Number: 28.5




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General mag Pacific War 28-5 B

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General Vol.28, No.5


JAN-FEB 1992

Midway, Guadalcanal – “Opus Taylorum-Expansion Rules & Scenarios for Midway, Guadalcanal” (Variant) S. Craig Taylor

Tokyo Express – “Campaign Tokyo Express-In "The Slot", for the duration” (Variant) Fr. Nigel Hodge

Mustangs – “Give 'em the spurs!-Variant rules for the new Mustangs air-combat game” (Variant) Bruce Kohrne

Midway, Guadalcanal – “Wake island and the Two Ocean War-Variant scenarios for Midway, Guadalcanal” (Variant & inserts) James E. Meldrum

Series Replay - Victory in the Pacific Dave Targonski, Alan Apllebaum & William Jockusch

Advanced Squad Leader – “Alligator Creek-ASL Scenario G16” (Scenario)

Victory in the Pacific – “Variants in the Pacific- Historical variants for Victory in the Pacific” (Variants) Wesley Kawato

Dauntless – “Pacific Encounters- Four Pacific Scenarios for Dauntless” (Scenarios) David Angus

Samurai – “Gone but not forgotten- Samurai Avalon Hill's Game of Power politics in Feudal Japan” (Discussion) Don Hawthorne

Up Front – “The Up Front Column- Spiders in the Grass (Scenario)” (Scenario) Don Hawthorne

Design Analysis - History of the World Don Hawthorne

The Question Box - Midway

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