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General Magazine - We The People

Number: 29.2




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Very Good Condition Copy. Touch of staple rust.

General Vol.29, No.2 1993


- ASL Scenario G17: Hakkaa Paalle. Near Vetko, Finland, 12 Jan 1940
- ASL Scenario G18: Goya. Rochelinval, Belgium, 7 Jan 1945

Victory in the Colonies- A Strategic Analysis of WE THE PEOPLE by A.Maly

Series Replay- A Demonstration Game of WE THE PEOPLE with S.Buck, A.Maly, A.Lewis, M.Herman

The Marquis de Lafayette- The Man Behind the Counter by R.Bromer

Extra Acquisitions- Two Variations for ACQUIRE by B.Norton

An American Revolution in Design- Designer's Notes for WE THE PEOPLE by M.Herman

Scenario Briefing- Deluxe Scenario A: Player's Notes for ASL by M.Nixon

Battle From Beach to Bocage- BREAKOUT NORMANDY Previewed in Depth by J.Stahler

KINGMAKER (pc)- An Electric Quest for a Crown by R.Martin

Up Front- Marginal Wins/Losses for UP FRONT Tournaments by M.Oliver

Question Box- We the People

Infiltrator's Report

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