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Paper Wars

Number: 25




Price £4.95
Game Series

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Theme:      Magazines and Books     

Excellent Condition Copy. Hint of staple rust from long-term storage. Some minor creasing to the cover.

Articles on: The Classics: (GDW) Narvik/Third World: (Strange Magic Games) Material World/Across the Pond: (Warfrog) Sixteen Thirty Something/(The Gamers) Stalingrad Pocket II/(GMT) Invasion: Norway/Out of the Frying Pan.../(Decision Games) The '45/(Avalon Hill) London's Burning/(GMT) Operation Typhoon/Rumors & Such/(Decision Games) Emperor's First Battles/1807 Revisited/Direct Marketing and Us/Cast of Characters/Reconnaissance in Force/(The Gamers) Leros/(Decision Games+Sierra Madre Games) Lords of the Sierra Madre/(XTR) SS Panzer/SS Panzer Clarifications/(Decision Games) 30 Years War/(Spearhead Games) A Bold Stroke/(Clash of Arms) Supermarina I/In the Pipeline/Hexchange

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