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Paper Wars

Number: 47




Price £4.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      Magazines and Books     

Excellent Condition Copy. Hint of staple rust from long-term storage.

Articles on: Origins 2002 Report/(GRD) Over There/Clash of Arms, As Grand as their Games/(Vae Victus) Imperator/(GMT) Caesar in Alexandria/(Avalanche Press) Soldier Kings/(Mayfair Games) Richard I, The Lionheart/(GMT) Russian Civil War x2, Reds!+(Perry Moore) White Steel, Red Blood/(Lou Coatney) Moscow Attacked!/(Microgame Design Group) War Plan Crimson/(Multi-Man Publishing) Screaming Eagles in Holland/(Minden Games) Minden For One, Solitaire Games from Minden Games/(Simulations Workshop) Green Beret/(Perry Moore) Soviet Nadir/(Peter Schutze) Breaking Into Valhalla/(Perry Moore) The Last Blitzkrieg, Operation Peace for Galilee

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