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Paper Wars

Number: 56




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Game Series

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Theme:      Magazines and Books     

Excellent Condition Copy. Hint of staple rust from long-term storage.

Europe Engulfed, GMT Games (Ed McGran) 
Gettysburg 1863, Avalanche Press (Kevin C. Rohrer) 
The Russian Campaign, L2 Design Group (Rick Lechowich) 
Corsairs & Hellcats, Walt O'Hara
Chickamauga & Chattanooga, Avalanche Press (Robert Lindsay and David Nicholas) 
Kursk in Normandy, Perry Moore (John D. Burtt) 
Africa 1859-60, Ludopress (Paul Rohrbaugh) 
America Triumphant, Avalanche Press (Patrick R. Collins) 
The Korean War, Sunset Games (Doug Murphy) 
Soldier Emperor, Avalanche Press (Douglas Jorenby) 
Chancellorsville and Plevna, Decision Games (James C. Gordon) 
Up Front, Avalon Hill (Phillippe Poirier)

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