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Paper Wars

Number: 59




Price £4.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      Magazines and Books     

Excellent Condition Copy. Hint of staple rust from long-term storage.

World at War, GMT Games (Joe Brophy) 
A World at War, GMT Games (Adam Starkweather) 
Armchair General (Paul Rohrbaugh) 
Solferino 1859, Vae Victis (Kevin Donovan) 
Barons' War, Clash of Arms Games (Paul Rohrbaugh) 
France 1944, Victory Games (Jerry Wong) 
200 Miles From Moscow, Perry Moore (Paul Rohrbaugh) 
The Ottomans, Decision Games (Mike Joslyn) 
Pasaran?, Udo Grebe Gamedesign (Rob Markham) 
East-West, BSO Games (Terence Co)

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