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WIA: Franco-Prussian War

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S&T #149 1/92

Consolidation of the Raj: India 1760-1818 Andrew Preziosi
FYI A. A. Nofi
Simulation: Franco-Prussian War Joseph Miranda

Franco-Prussian War is a simulation of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. One player assumes the role of the German high command, the other the French. The German objective is to defeat France, thereby unifying the various German states into a single nation. The French player's objective is, initially, to gain glory for the French Empire; failing that, it is to successfully defend France against a German invasion. Franco-Prussian War uses a new system to simulate the nature of 19th century warfare. The game system itself is simple, but it does have some innovative features to represent leadership, staff work, command/control, effects of different weapons, and the ever-shifting sands of morale and politics.

The Franco-Prussian War Joseph Miranda

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