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Hastings 1066

As the Saxons, you command this crucial battle for control of your lan

Final price: £29.95

1565 Siege of Malta

Malta 1565 - The Turks versus the Knights of Malta in the last battle

Final price: £68.95
Final price: £64.95

414 BC: Siege of Syracuse

The Athenian army lays siege to the great city of Syracuse.

Final price: £68.95

Antietam 1862 (Reprint)

Antietam 1862 is Volume I in Worthington Publishings new Civil War Bri

Final price: £74.95

Archie's War: The Battle for Guadalcanal

A 1-2 player game on the Battle for Guadalcanal.

Final price: £74.95

Battle of the Bulge 1944 (2nd Printing)

One of the greatest battles in World War II history is finally coming

Final price: £74.95

Braveheart Solitaire Bookgame (2nd Edition)

You are in command of the Scottish armies in their bid for independenc

Final price: £20.95

Chancellorsville 1863

Playable in 1 hour. For 1 to 2 players. Innovative Civil War game with

Final price: £74.95

Cowboys II: Cowboys & Indians Edition

Cowboys II is a NEW game based on WG's original Cowboys game. All new

Final price: £76.95

Cruel Necessity: The English Civil Wars of 1640-1653

A reprint/deluxification of the VPG classic, CRUEL NECESSITY.

Base price: £76.95
Final price: £68.95
10% discount!

D-DAY TO THE RHINE 1944 (Damaged)

Slight dings in transit, new in shrink. DD-DAY TO THE RHINE 1944 is D

Base price: £79.95
Final price: £78.45
2% discount!

Dawn of Battle

Dawn of Battle is a hex-and-counter war game allowing players to refig

Final price: £69.95

Enemies of Rome

A 2 to 5 player game that plays in 90-120 minutes. Each player is a le

Base price: £64.95
Final price: £41.95
35% discount!

Freeman's Farm 1777

An innovative card driven board game on the Battle of Freeman's Farm.

Final price: £68.95

French & Indian War

A strategic game on the French & Indian War, 1757-1759. Designed for 2

Final price: £67.95

Guns of Galicia

Very good open copy, counters un-punched Simulates Corp-level fightin

Base price: £44.95
Final price: £39.95
11% discount!

Hidden Strike: American Revolution

A card driven game for 1 to 5 players on the American Revolution. 5 wa

Final price: £84.95

Hold the Line: French & Indian Wars Expansion

The French and Indian War expansion has 12 Scenarios from the French

Final price: £41.95

Holdfast: Pacific 1941-45

HoldFast Pacific has the empire of Japan attempt to control the vast P

Base price: £74.95
Final price: £69.95
7% discount!

Holdfast: Pacific 1941-45

Part-shrink copy, basically new. HoldFast Pacific has the empire of Ja

Base price: £74.95
Final price: £57.95
23% discount!

Holdfast: Tunisia 1942-43

Holdfast Tunisia is a block war game that allows players to refight th

Final price: £71.95

In Magnificent Style: Pickett's Charge (Deluxe Edition)

In Magnificent Style is a solitaire game depicting the final desperate

Final price: £74.95

Keep Up the Fire! Deluxe: The Boxer Rebellion

Solitaire game by John Welch on the Boxer Rebellion 1900. Plays in 45

Final price: £73.95

Levée en Masse: The Wars of the French Revolution

This solitaire game, suitable for cooperative game play, tells the sto

Final price: £74.95


Lincoln is a fast-paced, two player, card-driven strategy wargame set

Final price: £37.95

Malta Besieged 1940-1942 Deluxe Edition

Malta Besieged 1940-1942 is a solitaire game covering the pivotal Worl

Final price: £73.95

Naval War of 1812

Naval War of 1812 Showcasing the global commerce war between Great Br

Base price: £59.95
Final price: £52.95
12% discount!

New York 1776 (Volume One)

New York 1776 is our first volume of the American Revolution Campaigns

Final price: £62.95

Pemberton & Grant: Vicksburg Campaign of 1863

The American Civil War Vicksburg Campaign of 1863 using The Blue & Gra

Base price: £57.95
Final price: £49.95
14% discount!

Pemberton & Grant: Vicksburg Campaign of 1863 (Damaged)

The American Civil War Vicksburg Campaign of 1863 using The Blue & Gra

Base price: £57.95
Final price: £47.95
17% discount!

Philadelphia 1777

PHILADELPHIA 1777 is a war game about the American Revolutionary War

Final price: £69.95

Red Poppies: WWI Tactics

Excellent unpunched copy, box has tiny wear to it due to age. Copy i

Final price: £39.95

Robin Hood

Live the adventure defending the common folks as you fight the forces

Base price: £67.95
Final price: £54.95
19% discount!

Robin Hood

Excellent punched copy, content in great condition, cards in protectiv

Base price: £67.95
Final price: £45.95
32% discount!

Sea Kings

You are one of the Viking leaders seeking fortune in the unknown with

Base price: £47.95
Final price: £37.95
21% discount!

Soviet Dawn: The Russian Civil War 1918-1921

The deluxe edition and update of the classic Solitaire game, SOVIET DA

Final price: £74.95

Stalingrad Besieged

STALINGRAD BESIEGED is a game that allows 1 to 2 gamers to refight th

Final price: £56.95

Tarawa 1943

TARAWA 1943 is a solitaire, card driven game on the invasion of Japane

Final price: £69.95

Trenton 1776 (Volume Two)

Washington Crosses the Delaware – Campaign game of the winter of 177

Final price: £62.95

Holdfast Korea 1950-1951 Kickstarter Edition

Very Good as new condition, including the kickstarter bonus book on Ko

Final price: £51.95


Volume III in Worthington's Civil War Brigade Battle Series.

Final price: £88.95

Shiloh 1862 (Reprint)

Volume II in the Civil War Brigade Battle Series from Worthington Publ

Final price: £74.95

Band of Brothers: Battle Pack 1 (2nd Edition) (Expansion)

This is a dependent expansion for the Band of Brothers series.

Final price: £49.95

Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer 3rd Edition

A fast playing game of squad level combat in WWII. It covers the explo

Final price: £79.95

Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles 3rd Edition

A fast-playing game of squad level combat in WWII. It covers the explo

Final price: £79.95

Band of Brothers: Texas Arrows (2nd Edition) (Expansion)

The third game in the Band of Brothers series of WW2 tactical games. I

Final price: £44.95

Band of Brothers: Old Breed South Pacific

A fast playing game of squad level combat in WWII. It covers the explo

Final price: £79.95

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