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CDG Solo System Pack #2




Price £19.95

Product Description

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The CDG Solo System plays alongside your favorite CDG and is designed to enhance your solitaire experience by reintroducing many of the best parts of wargaming that fall apart in standard two-handed play, namely, as Stuka Joe mentioned above, the narrative flow and the fog of war. 

The CDG Solo System includes two Card Displays that are used to manage each side’s hand of strategy cards. At the beginning of each Side's turn, you will roll a Fate Die to determine which of the cards in one or more of the slots are available for play. Typically 2 or 3 cards are available at a time, but the final decision is ultimately yours. After a card is played, the marker on the Cards Remaining track slides one spot to the left, and then it’s time to roll the die for the other side’s turn.


Playsheet Support

Pack 2 adds official Playsheet support for six GMT games:

  • 1960: The Making of The President
  • Commands & Colors: Napoleonics
  • Commands & Colors: Medieval
  • WW2: Barbarossa to Berlin
  • Pursuit of Glory
  • Wilderness War



  • 2 Card Displays
  • 1 Six-Sided Custom Die
  • 4 Markers for the Cards Remaining Track 
  • 1 Rules Summary
  • 6 Playsheets (1960: The Making of the President, Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, Commands & Colors: Medieval, WWII: Barbarossa to Berlin, Pursuit of Glory, Wilderness War)
Original Solo Method Design: Stuka Joe
Solo System Design: Ken Kuhn 
Developer: Ken Kuhn



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