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CounterFact Magazine: Millennium Wars Advanced: The Lebanon Scenarios

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Product Description

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Third issue of CounterFact Magazine.

This issue contains articles dedicated exclusively to the Middle Eastern region. This issue comes with the game Millennium Wars Advanced: The Lebanon Scenarios. The game is designed by Michael Anderson, Joseph Miranda, and Jon Compton. Millennium Wars Advanced (MWA) is a new wargame system that models a wide spectrum of modern conflict at the operational level.

MWA addresses the full spectrum of operations in modern conflict, including land, air, naval, logistics, information warfare, and special operations. MWA also deals with the impact of technology and doctrine on operational capabilities, modeled in the design as “Tier.” MWA systems are holistically integrated and generally use the same resolution system, but incorporate such things as insurgency, terrorism, cyberwarfare, weapons of mass destruction, and the political backlash effects of suffering casualties and bungled operations. Maneuver and combat emphasize mission effects over attrition. Each MWA game will have one or more scenarios, each showing a different historical, current, or hypothetical campaign.

This particular iteration of MWA from the soon to be released States of Conflict. It is a simulation of the various campaigns of the Arab-Israeli Wars of the last several decades. These are the two Lebanon scenarios included in the game.

Game Details:

The game scale is 10km per hex, units are brigades or divisions, or cadres/groups.

Scenarios included in the game:

1. '48 War Phase 1
2. '48 War Phase 2
3. '67 War
4. '67 War Jihad (What if)
5. ‘73 War 
6. ’82 Lebanon War
7. ’06 Military Solution in Southern Lebanon
8. '12 Hypothetical

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