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Albuera 1811: A Lines of Battle Game (Boxed)




Price £63.95
Albuera 1811 Rear
Albuera 1811 Counters
Albuera 1811 Map
Alburera 1811 Setup

Product Description

Theme:      Napoleonic     


The Battle of Albuera has gone down in history as the bloodiest battle of the Napoleonic Peninsular War. Marshall Soult thought he could roll up a mixed Spanish/British/Portuguese force and claim a great French victory. He was wrong. A clever flank attack was stopped dead by some of the best Spanish troops of the war. Then, despite a devastating charge by his fearsome Polish Lancers, the Allies held firm and Soult's efforts were in vain.

Lines of Battle is a new series, of which Albuera 1811 is the first game. It features a fresh take on Napoleonic gaming where the essence of Napoleonic combat is distilled into an enjoyable and interactive battle experience - you can feint, outflank, form square, charge with cavalry, bombard, withdraw - it's all here.


As well as the historical battle, Albuera 1811 contains optional rules for Leaders (counters included), and you can construct any number of scenarios based on a combination of "what if" optional rules.


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