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Incredible Courage at Austerlitz (ICA) - Pratzen




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Product Description

Theme:      Napoleonic     

This is an expansion game and cannot be played without owning Telnitz

Incredible Courage at Austerlitz - Pratzen adds the fight for the Pratzen Heights to the southern part of the fighting at Telnitz, in the Austerlitz battle. The game adds (16) 11 x 17 map sheets to the 5 for Telnitz and encompasses the area from Sokolnitz Castle up to the area where Napoleon and the Imperial Guard started the battle around The Zurlan Hill. The fighting forces added include the remaining 2 divisions of the French IV Corps, Imperial Guard, Grenadier Division, and I Corps. These forces easily managed to defeat the Russian 3rd, 4th, and 5th Columns, and the Russian Imperial Guard. This is the game where Guard meets Guard. The Russian Guard is surely larger than the French, play this game to see how the French managed to defeat the Russians and send them routing away in what would end in the Coalition force being destroyed. Initial copies of Pratzen will contain replacement maps for Telnitz and a replacement scenario card at no extra cost.

The Pratzen Box Cover:

Pratzen Map Sample:

Some sample units:

Key Features                                                                     

  • (16) 11" x 17" game maps of the Pratzen area

  • Variable combat strengths

  • Reduction by Levels of Order

  • Pratzen Rules Supplement

  • Approximately 1400 Die Cut Unit Counters and Markers

  • Infantry and Cavalry units at the company and squadron level and artillery at the section level

  • Battalion level infantry and Regiment level cavalry units

  • (3) Scenarios that allow play on smaller parts of the battle or the entire affair

  • Excellent Solitaire Play

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