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Incredible Courage at Austerlitz (ICA) - Santon




Price £71.95
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Product Description

Theme:      Napoleonic     

This is an expansion game and cannot be played without owning Telnitz

This game brings the set, Incredible Courage at Austerlitz, to its completion. This third game contains the French and Coalition forces that fought in the northern part of the battlefield. General Bagration, given orders to move toward Brunn to the west, dutifully moves out around 10am and is given a nasty surprise. While his forces, and the forces of Prince Lichtenstein (5,000+ cavalry!), are well equipped, they are outnumbered by the French Vth Corps under Marshall Lannes and the Cavalry Reserve under the trusted leadership of Marshall Murat. Murat's forces contain a mix of heavy and light cavalry to the total of around 7,000.
Needless to say the action is hot and intense.

This game is an expansion and requires Telnitz to be played. It contains a great added value feature not originally planned, but included at the same proposed release price, of a counter sheet with battalion counters. These battalion counters can be used in lieu of the company counters and will speed up game play. Rules for using them are fairly simple and short, allowing for fighting the battle, not the rules.

The Santon Box Cover:

Santon Map Sample:

Some sample units:

Key Features                                                                     

  • (8) 11" x 17" game maps of the Santon area

  • Variable combat strengths

  • Reduction by Levels of Order

  • Santon Rules Supplement

  • Approximately 1000 Die Cut Markers

  • Infantry and Cavalry units at the company and squadron level and artillery at the section level

  • Battalion level infantry units for all 3 games

  • (3) Scenarios that allow play on smaller parts of the battle or the entire affair

  • Excellent Solitaire Play

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