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La Bataille de Mont Saint Jean - June 15th, 1815 (Deluxe)




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Product Description

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NEW in shrink copy, damaged in transit from publisher. Minor compression to the box (base/corner/edge).


Deluxe Version

The Battle of Waterloo.

The Deluxe edition contains:

4 34x22" maps
3 Organizational Displays
Standard Rules & Special Rulebook
6 Counter Sheets (2 Quatre Bras, 3 Ligny, 1 Informational markers)
Charts & Tables

Mont St. Jean is the French name for the Battle of Waterloo, and the Prussians called this The battle of Belle Alliance.

scale = 100 m/hex; 
time = 20 min/GT; 
strength = 50-100 men/SP (Regimental/Brigade Size)

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