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Napoleon at Bay: Expansion Kit




Price £33.95

Product Description

Theme:      Napoleonic     

The Update Kit is intended for use with any edition of Napoleon at Bay 


1978 Charles S. Roberts Best Pre-Twentieth Century Game Nominee


You'll get: 

• up to date research on units and leaders locations, strengths and marches 

• much better OrBat information

• new counter art on par with the latest OSG releases 

• lighter set of rules, closer to the original 1978 edition.


Napoleon at Bay Expansion Kit Includes: 

• 2 rule books, • 1 counter sheet (280), • 13 player aid cards, 

• Charts & Tables Folder, • 4-page interface folder. 

This Expansion Kit requires Organization Displays and maps from any edition of Napoleon at Bay. OSG have leared a lot researching the TLNB Battle games, uncovering OrBat information to fine-tune the scenarios. The NAB counter mix shows 84 French and 146 Coalition Units and Leaders, plus 50 Markers. The new counter sheet uses the same color scheme for corps formations as the TLNB counters. This will make it easier to morph your NAB army onto the TLNB map and mix. In addition to creating a new slimmed-down set of rules for NAB (Standard and Exclusive Rules Folders), OSG will have a 4-page folder with optional rules on how to interface between NAB La Patrie en Danger and Napoleon Retreats. It will be possible to link the 3rd and 11th March NAB scenarios, for example, to Napoleon Retreats maps. You can begin a NAB Battle Scenario starting on March 3rd, switching to the Craonne AtB on the 6th. Wherever they might be on March 6th, set your forces on the Retreat map and play that through until the French move to Soissons; then switch back to NAB Scale.

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