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Rivoli 1797 (English Edition)




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A very good condition unpunched copy, the box shows some minor shelf-wear. Touch of staple rust to the rules, the special rule book cover is a bit grubby to the touch but remains perfectly legible.

The Battle of Rivoli on January 14th, 1797 between the French Armée d´Italie under the young Napoleon Bonaparte and the Austrian "Armee in Italien" under Feldzeugmeister Baron Alvinczy.

The game is one part of SimTac´s series Battles of the Revolution and the Empire on battalion/ regimental level.



648 die cut counter,

1 38" x 27" game map,

3 rulebooks,

Play Aid Charts and Tables,

2 ten sided dice

Basic and Advanced Rule Books


Units are regiments, battalions, batteries, and leaders

Each strength point represent 100 infantry, 50 cavalry or 3 cannons

150 yards per hex

15 minutes per turn

Medium Complexity

Solitaire Suitability Low

Excellent English Ed.

Game Design J. L. Arcon.

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