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Wolfpack: The North Atlantic Convoy Struggles October 1941 - March 1943




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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Pre-Order      Solitaire      Naval Combat     

Available for Pre-Order. In Art and Final Development.

Wolfpack is a tactical, historical game depicting the struggles between the German submarine Wolfpacks and the allied merchant convoys of WWII. Wolfpack is set in the vast North Atlantic from late 1941 to early 1943.


Wolfpack is a 1-4 player solitaire/team game. When playing solo, the player will command 2 - 4 submarines. In a team game, players will command 1 - 2 submarines depending on the number of players. The convoy merchant ships and escorts will be controlled by an AI system. In Wolfpack, players will assume the role of a German WWII submarine commander. Players will need to work together to achieve victory.

Game Play:

In a game of Wolfpack, players will start by approaching the Allied merchant ship convoy while trying to make it through the escort's screen undetected. If successful, your submarine will make an attack run on the convoy. As the commander, you will make many decisions like maneuvering your submarine to the best firing angle while making TDC (torpedo data computer) calculations for each of your torpedos, trying to achieve your best shot. You will issue orders to your crew to deal with any damage that your submarine may have sustained. Should we run silent? Do we press the attack? The decisions are up to you. Do all of this while trying to sink as much allied merchant ship tonnage as possible and avoid being detected and sent to the bottom by the allied escort ships.

Wolfpack uses a unique card system to resolve many of the game effects. There are several different types of cards in Wolfpack. Below are some samples of these cards.

The submarine player boards are used to track various conditions applying to each submarine.

  • TDC calculations for each torpedo
  • Torpedos reloads
  • Hull and Flooding Damage
  • Equipment damage
  • Fire and poisonous gas
  • Repair parties
  • Crew wounds and KIA’s

    Players will use the outer box to approach the convoy and avoid the escort screen. The inner dots and squares are the attack area of the map. Players will maneuver their submarines trying to line up their best shot against the convoy ships. You will track each submarine's depth on this map. Red boxes are used by the AI escorts as they hunt their prey. Weather and time of day will determine the fog of war and how many convoy ships you see and which ships you can ID.

    The heart of Wolfpack is its campaign system. Players will track the progress of their crews during the campaign, linking multiple patrols together to gain as much experience as possible. The more tons of allied merchant ships that you sink, the more experience points that you will have to spend on improvements to your crew's performance.

    All graphics are playtest only. This is not the final art.

  • 1 - 34” X 22” Mounted map board (double sided, small & large convoy)
  • 4 - 8 1/2” X 5 1/2 Submarine player boards (double sided, Type VII & IX)
  • 240 - Cards
  • 4 - Counter Sheets
  • 4 - 17” x 11” & 6 - 8 1/2 X 11” Play aids
  • Campaign information Pad
  • Rulebook
  • Playbook
  • 3” box


    Game Design
    Mike Bertucelli
    Game Development: Jason Carr


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