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North Africa - The West Front of World War One or Two

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North Africa

Africa Orientale (Europa Series). Number 128

Simulation of the campaign fought in the horn of Africa in 1940-41.

Final price: £17.95

Alamein: History's Turning Point 1942 (First Printing)

Designer Brian L. Knipple’s masterpiece is one of the largest games

Base price: £149.95
Final price: £119.95
20% discount!

Alamein: History's Turning Point 1942 (Second Printing)

Second Printing of Avalanche Press' "Big Box" Alamein game.

Base price: £149.95
Final price: £129.95
13% discount!

Command Magazine (Death & Destruction: The Russian Front 1942-44 & Rommel at Gazala). Number 34

Death & Destruction: 1942-44 on the Eastern front is an add-on gamette

Base price: £29.95
Final price: £24.95
17% discount!

Panzer Armee Afrika : Issue #40. Number 40

Panzer Armee Afrika and the War in the Desert,June 1940 - December 194

Final price: £44.95

Panzer Battles: Tactical Armored Warfare in World War II = Issue #73. Number 73

Excellent quality unpunched copy. Arracourt, Defense of the Berlin Hig

Final price: £19.95

Rumors of War: A Third Reich & Great Pacific War Supplement

Rumors of War is a Third Reich/Great Pacific War Supplement.

Final price: £24.95

Western Desert Force

Western Desert Force is a quick-playing game on the campaigns in North

Base price: £49.95
Final price: £39.95
20% discount!

Western Desert, Europa VI. Number 6

Very Good Punched Condition,no box The campaigns in Egypt and Libya f

Final price: £44.95

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