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Africa 1880




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Price £21.95
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Product Description

Theme:      Other C19      Pre-Owned      Partly Punched      3 to 6 Players     

Excellent condition, partly punched

1880: One habitable continent remains to be explored and exploited. Expeditions set out from six nations to lay claim to the vast riches it offers. As explorers move inland, flags move across maps of the dark continent displayed in Embassies across Europe. Endless savannas are crossed, wide rivers, mountain ranges, and seemingly impenetrable jungles are overcome. Nothing stands in their way, that is, until they encounter...each other!

Ask any explorer and you will be told the same story. Nothing encountered in the bush will ever come close to the danger he faced the one time he was invited to a cocktail party at the ambassador's residence! Vipers, jackals...a veritable lion's den, these diplomats!

Africa 1880 explores the deepest, darkest jungles of them all:
the parlors and private chambers of the state houses!


* Full color hard-board map of the continent
* Rules in English and French
* Stunning full color counters representing the flags of six nations: (France, England, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Holland)
* Villages and status markers
* 3-Dimensional resin cast miniature state houses
* Padded turn sheet & victory point tabulators
* Stunning full color box

No dice and no cards are required to play this game.

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