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Cowboys II: Cowboys & Indians Edition




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Product Description

Theme:      Other C19      Solitaire     

COWBOYS II is a game about the old west. Some fact, some fiction, it pits opposing sides against each other, bringing to life the daring and dastardly deeds of heroes and villains when the way of the gun ruled the day. The main characters are cowboys. These were the lawmen, gunfighters, gamblers, and ne’er do wells who knew how to handle themselves during a gunfight. Also the town folk will show up to rescue the day or add a much needed gun to the fight. Watch out, you never know when the Indians are going to show up. 

Some gunfighters are better than others and this is shown through modifiers for skill. Beware, being the top shot often means you are the first target. Who do you bring to the dance? Pistols, rifle, or shotgun? All are deadly. Each has limitations. And, what would a cowboy be without his trusty horse which allows him to get outta town twice as fast as boot leather and some cards and a bit of luck? A well played hand can leave you walking from the table with a smile, and your opponent in a bad fix. Gunfights in COWBOYS II use cards to show luck (good and bad), daring, bravery (or lack of it), and skills. So take your drink, steady your hand, and prepare to slap leather and draw…

COWBOYS II has larger reconfigured 11 x 11 mounted boards, new game boards, SOLITAIRE rules, a wagonload of new episodes, new player mats,  new characters, a role playing elements (play one character through any number of scenarios).

Players take control of between 1 to 10 characters in each episode, moving them across the boards trying to complete the objectives for the episodes. Sometimes it's breaking out of jail, sometimes it’s finishing off all the other characters, robbing banks, some cattle rustling, gunfights, fistfights, escaping, bounty hunting, or handling a bunch of attacking Indians.  It varies by episode.

With a wagonload of episodes, plus easy design it yourself episodes possible, the action is never ending.


Cards add to the game by introducing variables to gameplay.  The card deck has special abilities on each card AND is a standard poker deck in case you want to play a hand of poker!  Having a good hand can help in a high stakes game.  




  • Shootout at the OK Corral –The Earp’s vs the Clantons October 26, 1881.

  • Stagecoach -The Ringo Kid rides escort on the stagecoach through Apache territory.

  • Circle the Wagons -Survive the Indian attack with your small wagon train of settlers.

  • The Wild Bunch Returns - A 1 to 10 player free for all. Team up or go alone.

  • Yellowstone – Defend the river crossing against an Indian attack until help arrives.

  • Bank Robbery - Rob the bank and get out of town alive (and with the money).

  • The Range – Things come to a head when a town refuses you access to water or grass access for your cattle.

  • Shoot Out at Iron Springs - Wyatt Earp and the lawmen vs. Curly Bill and the cowboys in wild river fight.

  • 12 O’ Clock and All Alone – A gang of outlaw shows up in town to get revenge on the Sheriff who locked up one of their members.

  • 3:15 to the Station – Ya gotta get the prisoner to the train station. Good luck cuz there’s a buncha varmints gunning for ya.

  • The Chase– Make your way across the boards as a heapa’ Indians are ridiing ya down.

  • Joe Walls – There’s a bad bunch of hombres that have a family of settlers trapped. Can you save them,,, and yourself?

  • The Rancher – A posse of trouble has rolled into town looking to take out the Sheriff. Help him round up the bunch, dead or alive.

  • Cattle Drive – Escort the cattle to next watering hole, good luck!

  • Deadwood Days – You’ve got a lucky strike, and everybody knows about it.

  • Heroes – Your posse has agreed to defend the town against the gang.

  • Wanted! – You and your gang has been cornered, can you and your gang fight out of the trap.

  • Bounty Hunter - You and other bounty hunters are looking for some wanted bad guys to tally up a head count and to pad your bank account.



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