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Command Magazine (Port Arthur) - GAME ONLY

Number: 19




Price £8.95
Game Series
3Command 19 Counters
4Command 19 Port Arthur Map

Product Description

Theme:      Other C20     

Product condition: used

Good Condition Punched Copy. No variant counters present. A couple of minor blemishes to the cover of the rules. Counters are bagged, but need sorting.

Port Arthur is a simulation of the ground campaign of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05.
Included in the game are 10 pages of rules, a 22" x 34" mapsheet, and 101 counters.

Victory points are awarded for causing enemy casualties, and for control of Liaoyang, Mukden, and Port Arthur (which is worth 2 points). At the beginning of the game the Russian player will be receiving 4 points per turn, so it is imperative for the Japanese player to be aggressive. At the end of 10 complete turns, the player with the higher total, wins.

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