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Desert Victory: Modern Tactical Combat in the Middle East




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Shrink-wrapped copy. In spite of shrink-wrap, may have rusty staples due to long-term storage. Slight grubbiness visible thru shrink, nothing major - easily wiped clean.

Desert Victory is a realistic simulation of modern tactical combat that puts you in the role of the commander of a US battalion task force or an Iraqi brigade. Desert Victory simulates combat in a playable, realistic manner. Units in Desert Victory represent platoons and sections. Losses are expressed in individual vehicles and fire teams or squads. The scale of the map is 250 meters to a square. Game turns represent ten minutes of actual time.

Rulebooks: Rules of Play - 24 pages
Player Reference - 20 pages
Map: 8 four color 10” x 6” Geomorphic Map sections
Counters: 3 sheets of counters
Charts: 2 Sequence of Play Charts
Game turn record Chart
Terrain Effects Chart
1 each Offensive & Defensive Unit Planning Chart
US combat Results Table
Iraqi combat Results Table

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