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How the West was Saved: the Russo - Polish War 1920




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Product Description

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"How the West was Saved" is a strategic game for two players, depicting the events of the Polish-Bolshevik war from April to October 1920. One player controls Russia and its allies - the Lithuanian army if it joins the conflict. The second player controls the forces of the Polish and Ukrainian armies. Generally, one token represents a cavalry or infantry division or a group of artillery, but smaller brigades or regiments are also present.

Designer Stephen Pole shows this complex conflict in a simple way. The key to conducting military and logistics operations is the level of Resource Points. It depends on the historical capabilities of each party at various stages of the conflict. Points can be earned or lost due to random factor resulting from the roll of dice and Random Event Cards. All this causes Fog of War to plan operations.

Next question mark - what can opponents do? Players alternately place Activation markers on their units. In this way they reveal their intentions. Players face a dilemma - thwart their opponent's plans or carry out their own actions?

Players then move their troops alternately, but the order of moves and then resolving the battles depends on the roll of the dice.

The battle result is based on the difference between Combat Factors that are modified by terrain, some Random Event Cards, and of course dice. Tactical nuances are shown by the orientation of units.


All of this includes simple rules, but decisions made by players are difficult. The key to success is the right balance in engaging your own available forces in defense and offensive operations.

Will Warsaw fall to the Russians? Or maybe Russian armies will be crushed at the gates of Smolensk? This and many other results depend on the players' decisions.

The fate of Europe is in your hands ...


The contents of the box:

• instruction - 16 pages,

• initial spacing card,

• two six-sided cubes: one red and one white,

• a rigid board measuring 48 x 68 cm areas from Warsaw to Smolensk,

• 216 die-cut tokens,

• 40 laminated Random Event Cards.


Game time: 4 - 8 hours.

A game for 2 people from 12 years.

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