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Jacksonville: the Beaches of Doom




Price £24.95

Product Description

Theme:      Other C20      Magazines and Books      2 to 4 Players      Rare and Collectable     

Excellent condition un-punched cop

Jacksonville: the Beaches of Doom is a hypothetical "what if?" depiction of an invasion of the USA. in 1997, following a major War in Europe by about 15 years, according to the game description. Published in JagdPanther magazine which was renamed BATTLEFIELD as of this issue #15, OCT 1976. This was also the final issue of the magazine.

Game Equipment consists of the following: a game Mapsheet-17-inches by 28-inches; a RULES section; a large double-sheet pull-out; 2-Sets of thin Game Counters; while players will have to provide their OWN 6-sided DIE.

The Mapsheet is overall WHITE with BLUE water features and BLACK print for other terrain. The Game Counters are Light BLUE & Light PINK with Darker Color silhouettes for each of the various Unit types such as: Tanks; S.P. Artillery; Towed Artillery; Helicopters; Cruise Missile Launchers; Naval Units; Air Units; and Infantry Types. Altogether, there are 44 different types of units, including Hovercraft (Soviet), IL-44 Medium Bomber (Soviet), US Army XM-2 Tank (M1-Abrams?), Soviet Aircraft Carriers, and even the U.S.N. Battle cruiser TEXAS! The pull-out Sheet has the Terrain Effects Chart, Base Attack Table & explanation, Anti-Ship Bombardment Table & explanation, Summary of Sequence of Play, Combat Results Table, Anti-Aircraft Table, Air-to-Air Combat Results Table, Bombardment Table, and Strategic Display with nearby bases of Pensacola, Atlanta, Montgomery, Georgetown, U.S. & Soviet Rear Areas, Havana, Bermuda, a Beachhead area and Soviet Fleet Carrier displays.

The RULES are very detailed and concise for being only 4 pages long, Front & Back printed. We ended up making our own "crude" Strategic Rear Area/Fleet Display in order to increase its size for game play. Game length is 18 turns representing 6 days and each Player Turn consists of 15 Phases (including Advanced-Air) so if you exclude the AIR game, the turns will proceed quicker.

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