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Redline Korea

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Redline: Korea is a strategic level simulation of possible future conflicts in the Korean peninsula. One player or team is the Communist North Koreans and their allies, the other operates the United Nations or "UN" (South Korea, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Japan)."

The 11" x 17" color map "portrays the Korean peninsula and adjoining areas of China" at 33 km per hex. The standard game has 8 weekly turns with numerous options for both sides.

The two-sided die-cut counter sheet includes:

40 Light Gray North Koreans
5 Yellow Chinese
2 Brown Russina
2 Red UK
2 Purple French
4 White Japanese
25 Olive US
40 South Korean

The magazine includes a map and rules for an Ancients scenario: Munda, 17 Mar, 45 BC

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