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Rise of the House of Sa'ud

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Saud B4
Saud C7

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 New Copy, has rusty staples  from long-term storage.

Wargamer Vol.1 No.46 Oct 1985


The Rise of the House of Sa'ud (by Robert Markham, Mark Seaman)

The game is a two-player game which covers the struggle between the Sa'ud and the Hussain factions for control of the Arabian Peninsula during the 1920's


The Rise of the House of Sa'ud - R.Markham, M.Seaman
- Background to the issue game

The Royal Navy (QtrD)
= Game review - J.Vanore

World War II ETO (TSR)
- Game review - J.Alsen

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Computer Wargaming
- Colonial Conquest (SSI) - M.McLaughlin
- Lordlings of Yore (Softore) - L.Hoffman

Descent into Hell
- Game review of Operation Market Garden (GDW) - T.Bomba

- A variant for Axis & Allies (MB) - M.McLaughlin

- Air Attack (Millenium) - J.Burtt
- Devil's Den (AH) - P.Perla
- Paranoia (WEG) - G.Fairbairn
- The Near East (GDW) - L.Hoffman
- Ranger (Omega) - J.Tuohy

G2 / Hobby News - S.Maskell

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