Over the Top (4 Battles from WW1)




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Theme:      WW1      Damaged      2 Players     

Box has suffered some minor compression from long term storage. Remains in shrink-wrap.

Over The Top! includes four great battles from the First World War. These battles simulate WWI warfare from attritionnal trench fighting  to maneuver, tank assaults and infiltration tactics. Units are regimental-brigade  level with corps level HQ and support.


Brusilov Offensive, 1916. The Russian army fights its way through  the Central Powers' trench system only to be stopped by a desperate  German counterattack.

Riga, 1917. German "shocktroop" divisions break through the  Russian line using special infiltration (Stosstrupen) tactics  to knock Russia out of the war!

St. Mihiel, 1918. The new American army, utilizing tanks and  mobile warfare, overrun the greatest German salient on the Front.  The battle that started George S. Patton's career!

Damascus, 1918. British Gen. Allenby, with assistance from Lawrence of Arabia, surprises and outmaneuvers the Ottoman army in the Middle East.


1 Rules booklet
2 34" x 22" Map
560 Die cut counters

Low complexity.