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Pacific Front - Covers wars in the Middle East and Pacific

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Pacific Front

Battle for Midway: Decision in the Pacific, 1942

Very Good punched condition 1976 Edition

Final price: £44.95

Beachhead: A Game of Island Invasions in the South Pacific 1942-1944

Still shrink wrapped, although minor tares in the wrap. A Game of Isla

Final price: £44.95

Coral Sea : Turning the Japanese Advance, 1942

Very Good Condition Punched Copy< The Coral Sea carrier battle in May

Final price: £44.95

Guadalcanal (Smithsonian). Number 4

New, still in shrinkwrap, some slight compression to the box

Final price: £49.95

Indian Ocean Adventure: The Japanese Raids on Ceylon, 1942

Very good condition punched copy Simulates the Japanese raid on the Br

Final price: £44.95

Malaya 1941-1942

Very good punched copy Malaya 1941-42

Final price: £34.95

Okinawa - The Last Battle, April 1945

Very Good Condition Punched Folio from the Island War Quad

Final price: £24.95

Rumors of War: A Third Reich & Great Pacific War Supplement

Rumors of War is a Third Reich/Great Pacific War Supplement.

Final price: £24.95

The Fall of Bataan. Number

The American defense of the Bataan Peninsula against the Japanese in 1

Final price: £39.95

Tinian: The Forgotten Battle

Volume 3 in the Marianas Campaign, Company Scale System (CSS).

Final price: £96.95

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