Panzer Grenadier: Slovakia’s War




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In March 1939, the small, newly-created nation of Slovakia declared its independence from Czechoslovakia and immediately became a satellite of Nazi Germany. Slovak troops fought alongside the Germans for five years as the most minor of allies, but in 1944 they turned against the fascists in a patriotically-fought though poorly-coordinated National Uprising and fought with the victorious Allies in the last year of the war.

Slovakia’s War is an expansion for the Panzer Grenadier series, focused on the battles of the Slovak Army. There are 23 scenarios plus background articles describing the campaigns, and 253 die-cut-and-mounted playing pieces. This is not a complete game; ownership of Fire in the Steppe and Broken Axis is required to play all of the scenarios.

Slovakia’s War is a totally revised new edition of our old First Axis book, which required maps and pieces from games that are now long out-of-print. The 253 pieces first appeared in First Axis (88 of them) and Sinister Forces (165 of them).