Paper Wars

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Excellent Condition Copy. Hint of staple rust from long-term storage.

Bonaparte at Marengo, Simmons Games (Matthew Kirschenbaum) 
European Theater of Operations, Neppa Games (Doug Murphy) 
Go Tell the Spartans, Against The Odds (Philippe Poirier) 
Arriba Espana, Fiery Dragon Games (David Nicholas) 
Semper Victor, Vae Victis (Terence Co) 
Byzantium Reborn, Microgame Design Group (Doug Murphy) 
Whistling Death, Clash of Arms Games (Terry Rooker) 
Cruiser Warfare, Avalanche Press (James Urban) 
Dreadnoughts, Avalanche Press (Patrick R. Collins) 
G-Barbarossa, Game Journal (Terence Co) 
Axis & Allies, Avalon Hill/Hasbro (Ed McGran) 
The Italian Front, Schroeder Publishing and Wargames (David Nicholas) 
War to Axis, Gio Games (Patrick R. Collins) 
Victoria Cross, Worthington Games (James C. Gordon)