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As of the Friday 13th of January 2023 we have been unavle to ship any intenrational parcels via Royal Mail due to a cyber incident at Royal Mail. This incident is still unresolved and they have not let us know when we can expect normal service to resume.

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1950: The Forgotten War




Price £38.95
1950_Map Sample

Product Description

Theme:      Post WW2      Solitaire     

1950 recreates the titanic and volatile struggle for the Korean peninsula in the first major land conflict of the post WW2 world. Over 100 Random variations of combat chits provide a unique experience with each playthrough and cuts down dramatically on analysis paralysis. Rules are included for multiple interventions, airpower, and UN supply.



140 x 0.5" Counters

1x 22" by 17" Map

2x Eight-sided die

1x Rulebook


TIME SCALE: 1 turn per month

MAP SCALE: 12 miles per hex

UNIT SCALE: Armies, corps, div.


Designed by Ray Weiss

Developed by Matt Ward

Counter Art & Package Layout by Ray Weiss

Map Art by Ilya Kudriashov

WEIGHT: 6/10




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