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After the Holocaust




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Product Description

Theme:      Post WW2      Pre-Owned      Punched     

Product condition: used

Very Good condition punched copy, counters/money cards have been bagged/sorted. Box has some ware/scuffs to it.

After the Holocaust is an economic, military, and political simulation of events in the United States, twenty years after a large-scale thermonuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. The game is ten turns long, and is designed for four players, each of whom controls a different region of North America and part of Canada. These regions are the Northeast, the Midwest, the Southwest, and the Far West. It is reminsicent of the works of Stafford Beer and Proyecto Synco.

Each game turn consists of five distinct rounds.

The first is the Production Round, which includes a basic production phase, a secondary production phase, and a mobilization phase. Second is the Trade Round. Third is the Consumption Round, during which a player expends food points, expends consumer points, calculates and declares social status, and provides military supply for any combat units under his control. Fourth is the Military/Political Round, which begins with the political placement phase, followed by initial military movement, secondary military movement, combat, and elections. The fifth and last round of the game turn is the Finance Round, which includes the political disassociation phase, the stockpile/labour reallocation phase, industrial investment phase, taxation, the industrial capacity adjustment phase, the industrial labour reallocation phase, and finally, the depreciation and shrinkage phase.

In addition, immediately before the fourth and eighth game turns, the Population Growth Cycle occurs during which the labour population of each region increases by 10%.

Inside the Box:

  • Two 17” x 22” hard-backed hexagonal grid Map Boards (with Turn Record Track, Terrain Key, Four Regional Sets of Six Economic Sector Tracks, and Abbreviated Turn Sequence incorporated)
  • 400 ½” cardboard Counters
  • One 8½” x 11” Rules Booklet (with Scenario Instructions included)
  • Four 11” x 17” back-printed, folded combined Charts and Tables Sheets (each with an Initial Resources Chart, Food Table, Secondary Production Costs Table, Trade Transport Movement Point Cost Chart, Strike Table, Political Control Table, Subversion Table, Terrain Effects Chart, Combat Results Table, Unemployment Table, Starvation Table, Stockpiling Cost Chart, Investment Chart, Corruption Table, Depreciation Table, Shrinkage Table, Research and Development Table, Tax Table, and photocopy masters for Tax Forms
  • Eight 8½” x 11” perforated, back-printed sheets of Game Money (144 pieces)
  • Two small six-sided Dice
  • One 20 compartment plastic counter tray

Complexity Moderate

Game Design Redmond A. Simonsen

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