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First Strike '62




Price £52.95
First Strike 62 Map
First Strike 62 Sheet 1
First Strike 62 Sheet 2

Product Description

Theme:      Post WW2      Other C20     

The Cuban missile crisis spins out of control in this new version of Bruce's acclaimed nuclear war fighting game system. Using historically accurate strategic (ie Nuclear) force structures the players will be responsible for fighting the war on a global scale when the diplomats fail. Rather than concern themselves with the operations of Army Corps and Naval Task Forces, players will be directing the B-52 bomber wings of SAC or the Strategic Rocket Forces new SS-7 “Saddler” ICBM’s.

Of course the new Soviet missile complexes on Cuba still retain their importance as a dagger aimed at the heart of the USA and will have to be factored into both sides plans. The surprise potential of these weapons are accounted for in the radar rules.

* 6x 11x17" map sheets (33" x 34" to fit the 5/8" counters with plenty of spare room)
* 24 page rulebook
* Two countersheets totalling 263 counters (plus 1 blank)
* 4 page scenario booklet
* two player reference sheets
* one charts and tables sheet
* quickstart sheet
Complexity: Moderate-High
Solitaire suitability: moderate 
Time to play: approximately 3 hours
Map scale: Northern Hemisphere (hexes)
Unit size: Missile Groups, Bomber Wings
Turn length: abstract

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