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Rally Point: ASL Scenario Pack - The French Army in WWII

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Latest 2021 issue of Rally Point (#18).

Rally Point Volume 18: The French Army Friend and Foe is a set of 10 all new scenarios featuring the French Army World War II. Each scenario was handmade and play-tested to the high standard players expect from the Tampa ASL Group’s fine craftsmen. Each scenario is presented in the Schwerpunkt easy-to-read format on high-quality card stock.

RPT171 Pentecost Sunday Meeting – West of HANNUT, Belgium, 12 May 1940: Elements of the 12e Cuirassiers, 3e Division Légère Mécanique are conducting a screen with three AMD 35 armored cars and a platoon of sidecar equipped infantry when they are attacked by two platoons of motorcycle infantry from Aufklärungs Abteilung 7 and Pz IB, PzIIA and PZIIF tanks from the Panzer Division 4. This meeting of two reconnaissance units features lots of exciting maneuver for both sides and is an exciting, 5.5 turn tournament action set on boards 11a and 12a.

RPT172 L’embuscade du Geneste – CREHAN, Belgium, 12 May 1940: In this 5.5 turn scenario set on boards 9b, 11a and 85, a company of German infantry supported by nine tanks (including PzIBs, PzIIAs and PzIIIFs) is attacking to clear the village of Crehan when they run into an anti-armor ambush. The French, defending with seven H39 tanks and ten squads make this an action-packed, instant classic.

RPT173 Opportunité Fugace – MONTCORNET, France, 17 May 1940: The French 4 e Bataillon de Chasseurs Portés and 2e Compagnie, 46e Bataillon de Chars de Combat, 4e Division Cuirassée is attacking with seventeen squads, two D2(L) tanks and eight (yes 8) Char B1 bis tanks to the clear some buildings defended by eleven squads of the Pioneer Bataillon 37, Panzer Division 1 and knock out their three FlaK18 88mm guns. With ten tanks on a wide attack frontage, a battery of 88s, a flamethrower and DCs, there will be lots of movement and intense action in this medium sized, 6.5 turn scenario set on boards 11, 12b and 78. It is sure to become a classic.

RPT174 Ejected From Eloi – MONT ST. ELOI, France, 22 May 1940: The 1 ère Division Légère Mécanique is attacking with three S35 tanks and ten squads (including some truckmounted infantry) to clear the village of St Eloi of Battailon 1, Schutzen-Regiment 14, 5th Panzer Division 5’s seven German squads and a 37mm anti-tank gun. This is fast-playing 4.5 turn, tournament action set on boards 19 and 57 was designed by Brook White.

RPT175 Tardiveau Le Volontaire – HERLEVILLE, France, 5 June 1940: A company of German infantry from Infanterie Regiment 104, Infanterie Division 33 is preparing to launch an attack from a board 5 gully against 41e Régiment d’ Infanterie, 19e Division d’ Infanterie defending the board 70 village. Just as the Germans were about to begin their attack, the French launch a preemptive attack of their own with twelve squads and two Lorraine 38L personnel carriers from Detachment Tardiveau. This 5-turn tournament scenario has lots of exciting action.

RPT176 The Weygand Line – ST. FUSCIEN, France, 5 June 1940: Elements of German Infanterie Division 9 and Panzer Division 10 are attacking with eighteen squads to clear the French from town on the board 60 ridge. The 56ème Régiment, 16ème Division d’Infanterie is defending the town with twelve squads, heavily equipped with machine guns and supported by 80mm off-board artillery. This 6.5 turn, medium-sized, all infantry action also uses boards 9b and 11b.

RPT177 Tirailleurs and Antiques - MANICAMP, France, 5 June 1940: A German infantry company of fifteen squads from Infanterie Regiment 124, Infanterie Division 72 is attacking to clear the French from the wooden buildings of board 71’s village. Here, nine squads of the 18e Régiment Tirailleurs Algériens, 87e Division d’ Infanterie Afrique are defending with the help of three World War One vintage FT-17 tanks from 36e Bataillon de Chars de Combat. This 5.5 turn scenario was designed by Evan Sherry and also uses board 72.

RPT178 The Joffre Line – South of ANTSIRANE, Madagascar, 6 May 1942: The British 1 st Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion East Lancashire Regiment and 455 Light Battery (with seventeen squads, 94mm guns, carriers and Valentine/Tetrarch tanks) are attacking in three groups to seize control of buildings from the Vichy French 1st Battalion (Senegalese) and 2 nd Battalion (Malagache), 2nd Regiment, Fortress Diego Suarez’s eleven squads and four 75mm artillery pieces that are defending from trenches and a pillbox on boards x, 69 and 78. Can they hold out long enough for their World War I vintage FT17 tanks to save the day? Mike Augustine designed this large, but fast-playing 5 turn scenario.

RPT179 Operation Terminal – PORT OF ALGIERS, ALGERIA, 8 November 1942: The American 3rd Battalion, 135th Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division with twelve squads have gone on the defensive in the face of a spirited Vichy French counter-attack by elements of 13ème Régiment de Tirailleurs Sénégalais with fourteen squads and six (yes 6) FT17 tanks. Mike Augustine designed this medium-sized, 5 turn scenario that uses boards 20, 23 and 49.

RPT180 Rapidement Vaincu – DOMPAIRE, France, 13 September 1944: Elements of the Free French 2 ème Division Blindée are attacking with four Sherman tanks, an M-10 tank destroyer and both dismounted and halftrack-mounted infantry to clear elements of Panzergrenadier Regiment 2112 and Panzer Abteilung 2112, Panzer Brigade 112 (with inexperienced tank crews) from their defensive positions in the town on boards 68 and 71. This is a 5.5 turn, medium sized scenario that has lots of movement for both sides and portrays one of the Free French Army’s greatest victories in the ETO.

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