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The Best of GDW's Harpoon SitRep (Compendium)




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Theme:      Post WW2      Magazines and Books     

Due to the success of the reprinting the old GDW Naval SitReps, Clash of Arms Games decided to issue a compilation of the articles and scenarios from the old GDW SitReps. It is a 64 pages booklet

The following articles appear:

* A Naval Perspective on Nuclear Weapons Effects
* Attacking Offshore Oil Platforms
* Radar Countermeasures for the Wargamer
* Standing Orders
* Hard Times for the Royal Navy
* Aegis and US Missile Systems
* The Dawn of Missile Warfare
* Ship Fuel Capacities (for Logistics Article also in the book)
* Tomahawk Loadouts for US Ships
* Soviet Aircraft Tactics
* Submarine Propulsors
* The Other Navy
* U.S. Navy Composite Warfare Doctrine
* The Tactical Air-Launched Decoy
* Royal Navy Traditional Toasts
* Clearing Storm - Changes in the Soviet Navy
* Russian Revelations
* Photo: The Collapse of the Red Navy
* Keep Your Eyes on the Dragon
* Uncertain Weapon
* Submarine Communications
* Logistics

The following Scenarios appear (with current Data):

* Mediterranean Melee
* Halifax Convoy
* Red War
* Fast Convoy
* The Last Exocet

The following Kitbash Corner models are included:

* Part 1 and Krivak III
* Part 2 and Nanuchka II
* Updating Long Beach
* Canadian TRUMP conversion
* Converting Kirov to Frunze
* Upgrading Atlantic Conveyor For Harrier Operations
* Chilean Latorre and Blanco Encaldo

The following book reviews are included:

* The Boats of Cherbourg
* The Royal Navy and the Falklands War
* Falklands the Air War
* MiG "A History of the Design Bureau"
* Encyclopedia of Aircraft Armament
* U.S. Nuclear Weapons: the Secret History
* Fighter Aircraft
* F-86 Sabre
* The Art of Wargaming
* Squadron in Action Series
* One Hundred Days
* Antisubmarine Warfare
* Sub vs. Sub

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