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The Siege of Orgun: Afghanistan,1983




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Orgun Cards

Product Description

Theme:      Post WW2     

Orgun, Afghanistan 1983 - a strategic valley in the Paktika Province close to the Pakistan border. A large group of Mujahideen (800 strong) assaults fortified positions, including an airfield and a 19th century fortress, protected by a regiment of the Afghan Army reinforced by Soviet forces.

Game Mechanics:

Area-Impulse system: fast and well-known combat resolution and activations. Interactive play with limited downtime between players. This is a card-assisted system for the element of surprises, helping to fit in the historical events into the game (soviet counselor, night assaults, radio jamming...). Low counter density. Minimal usage of markers.


1 - 22"x17" full color map
88 - Die Cut 5/8" counters
36 - Player Cards
12 page Rule Booklet
2 Player Charts
Ziploc Bag

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