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Yugoslavia: The Battles for Zagreb, 1979




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Theme:      Post WW2      Pre-Owned      Punched      2 to 3 Players      Operational      Battles     

Good condition punched copy

Part of SPI's Modern Battles II: Four Contemporary Conflicts series, notable for its use of untried units to simulate the uncertainty of armies that have never seen battle.

"Yugoslavia: The Battles for Zagreb, 1979" at the battalion/regimental level with hexes measuring a mile across, simulates combat in northern Yugoslavia in four scenarios.:

"Civil War" between the Serbians and Croatians with NATO reinforcement.

"Thrust for Zagreb", with the Soviets invading and NATO helping defense.

"Relief Column", following up after a Soviet takeover of Zagreb.

The three-player "Battle for Zagreb" between NATO, the Soviets and the Yugoslavs.

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