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Post World War 2.

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Post WW2

1950: The Forgotten War

Recreates the titanic and volatile struggle for the Korean peninsula i

Final price: £38.95

2017 ATO Annual - Six Days of War

Over 50 years ago, Israel made pre-emptive attacks against the neighbo

Final price: £39.95

Across Suez: Battle of the Chinese Farm, October 1973

Excellent unpunched copy, basically new, content is in great condition

Base price: £25.95
Final price: £17.95
31% discount!

After the Holocaust

Very Good condition punched copy, counters/money cards have been bagge

Base price: £84.95
Final price: £69.95
18% discount!

Air & Armor: Operational Armored Warfare in Europe, Designer Signature Edition

A company level simulation of a Hypothetical Soviet attack on West Ger

Base price: £91.95
Final price: £82.95
10% discount!


Recreates a brief portion of the violent, decades-long Angolan civil w

Final price: £81.95

Angola: Cold War Struggle in Africa. Number 290

Angola is a simulation of the 1987-88 campaign which was the culminati

Final price: £35.95

Armored Knights: Operation Gazelle

Gazelle: Israel's most daring battle to cross the Suez Canal.

Final price: £62.95

Battle for Baghdad

Game in which players represent different factions vying for control o

Final price: £79.95


Summer 1989: The Iron Curtain is not coming down. Tensions are high. W

Final price: £56.95

Brotherhood & Unity: War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995

A 2-3 player card driven wargame which depicts the war in Bosnia and H

Final price: £68.95

Central Command: Superpower Confrontation in the Straits of Hormuz . Number 98

S&T #98 5/83 Berg's Review of Games R. Berg Books in Review Editors C

Final price: £24.95


With an innovative battalion-company-platoon scale, CHOSIN presents bo

Final price: £39.95

Chosin: X Corps Escapes the Trap #257. Number 257

A two-player, intermediate-complexity simulation of the fighting in ea

Base price: £20.95
Final price: £15.95
24% discount!

Cold War Battles 2: Kabul ’79 & Pentomic Wurzburg. Number 263

Cold War Battles 2 (CWB2) presents a low-to-intermediate complexity o

Final price: £24.95

Command & Strategy 3: Operation Kadesh

Operation Kadesh. By Paul Rohrbaugh. The Suez Crisis of 1956.

Final price: £8.95

Command Magazine ( Mason-Dixon: The Second American Civil War) & Balkan Hell (Bosnia-Herzegovina). Number 35

Mason-Dixon is a game of alternate history. It posits a North America

Base price: £27.95
Final price: £20.95
25% discount!

Command Magazine (Inchon: MacArthur's Gambit). Number 9

This game covers the US-led invasion at Inchon, near Seoul, in Septemb

Final price: £24.95

Command Post Quarterly #4 - The 1991 Persian Gulf War Part 1

Command Post Quarterly #4 - The 1991 Persian Gulf War Part 1

Final price: £9.95

Command Post Quarterly #5 - The 1991 Persian Gulf War Part 2

Command Post Quarterly #5 - The 1991 Persian Gulf War Part 2

Final price: £9.95

CounterFact Magazine: Operation Pincher: Stalin's Drive In the Middle East, 1949 – What If?. Number 10

What If? is based on the actual "Pincher" series of defensive plans dr

Final price: £22.95

Desert Storm — The Unfinished Victory

This game illustrates the balance between military might and political

Final price: £19.95

Down In Flames: Locked-On Extra Card Decks

Having a second set of all the cards will give you more options!

Final price: £29.95

First Strike '62

The Cuban missile crisis spins out of control in this new version of B

Final price: £52.95

Base price: £44.95
Final price: £32.95
27% discount!

Folio Series 9: Algeria

Algeria is a game simulating the conflict between the FLN Arab nationa

Final price: £21.95
Final price: £138.95

From Golan to Sinai

Arab-Israeli Wars module, six scenarios plus supplemental rules and da

Base price: £15.95
Final price: £8.95
44% discount!
Final price: £22.95

Gulf Strike (3rd Edition)

Very good unpunched copy, content is in great condition, well looked a

Base price: £118.95
Final price: £115.95
3% discount!
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