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Infernal Machine: Dawn of Submarine Warfare




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Product Description

Theme:      Other C19      Pre-Order      Solitaire     

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Infernal Machine: Dawn of Submarine Warfare is a solitaire board game that casts the player in the role of inventor/entrepreneur in mid-19th century America. The game is set during a historical moment when the business environment has gotten rather dynamic – it is the tumultuous landscape of the American Civil War. The player’s task is to design, build, and put to use a submarine during that war.

Infernal Machine can be played either in scenario form or campaign. In a campaign, you can choose the city or port where the project’s machine shop will be located. Since construction materials and labor costs money, your role as entrepreneur comes into play as you seek out Investors to join your team; their cash will provide the funds that help your Fishboat take shape. As Inventor, your design gives form and substance to the size and shape of your submarine, and to its capabilities. Will it carry a snorkel? Will its prow be an armored ram? Will it have dive planes? Will it push a spar torpedo? Will it be powered by the muscle strength of a crew cranking the propeller or will you install a boiler engine?


Game Components

  • 4 Actions Boards (12” x 18”),
  • 1 Mechanics Board (8” x 18”),
  • 1 Tactical Board (8.5” x 11”),
  • 3 Countersheets (including boat tiles),
  • 3 Card Decks (Recruits, Navigation, Discovery),
  • 2 d10 dice
  • Booklets and Player Aids

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