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Le Franc Tireur (ASL Magazine)

Number: 15




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LFT 15_02
LFT 15_03

Product Description

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After several years of research and development, here is LFT’s latest magazine, with 23 scenarios and 8 new maps, accompanying a small set of rules for Arid & Desert Terrains, easy to learn and even easier to play.


- Editor’s Foreword

- Advancing Fire

- 30 years of ASL Ring

- 10 questions to Steve Swann

- ASL events

- ASL humor "The play fast machine"

- The North African Tirailleurs

- The Tunisian Campaign 1942- 43

- Surrender (A15.5)

- Map concepts

- Left out in the Sun too long

- Chapter AD : Arid Desert Terrain

- The Russian Civil War ASL rules

- Night and Desert rules

- Bibliography


88 pages in English.


The Scenarios

All printed full color on matte paper. (see attached image).


The scenario designers are, in no particular order :


- Philippe Naud

- Alexandre Rousse-Lacordaire

- Laurent Closier

- Lionel Colin

- Steve Swann

- Andrew Hershey

- Torsten Cumberland

- Brian Martuzas

- Vince Lewonski

- Robert Hammond

- Burnie Hegdahl

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