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Spruance Leader: The Cold War Fleet Combat Solitaire Strategy Game




Price £110.95
Spruance Leader_Map
Spruance Leader_Skirm Map

Product Description

Theme:      Solitaire      Naval Combat     

Spruance Leader focuses on commanding and managing a US Navy Carrier Battle Group in the Cold War setting of the 80s and 90s, simulating major naval conflicts in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Carrier battle groups, comprising of aircraft carriers and their escorting ships must be protected from the devastating attacks of missiles, torpedoes, bombs, and enemy vessels. Attack submarines which threaten the carrier battle groups have to be hunted down and neutralized. Air assets must be carefully assigned to combat air patrols, long-range strategic missions and attack strikes. You will need to manage the right combination of seaborne and airborne resources under your command in order to complete the various types of missions, and lead your group to victory.

Core Ship Types:

Virginia Class Cruiser

Ticonderoga Class Cruiser

Belknap Class Cruiser

Leahy Class Cruiser

Spruance Class Destroyer

Kidd Class Destroyer

Farragut Class Destroyer

Charles F. Adams Class Destroyer

Oliver Perry Class Frigate

Garcia Class Frigate

Knox Class Frigate



  • 6 Counter Sheets
  • 6 Campaign Sheets
  • Tactical Display
  • Rulebook
  • Summary Sheet
  • Player Log

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