Raid : Commando Operations in the 20th Century

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Theme:      WW2      Other C20      Magazines and Books      2 Players      Tactical Combat     

S&T #64 9/77

Briefings Editors
Canadian Civil War S. Goldberg
For Your Eyes Only Editors
Raid: Commando
Operations-20th Century Mark Herman
Simulation: Raid! M. Herman, R. Simonsen

Raid! is a tactical-level simulation of commando tactics and operations from World War II to the near future.

The game is played by scenario.

There are several historical scenarios as well as provisions for the players to make up their own.

The map is a 3-color map with terrain variations. Units are two or four-man fireteams, with individual tanks, truck, command centers, helicopters, etc. depicted. 200 counters, 2 players, 1+ hours.