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This product category is for items that are very rare or items from series or publishers that people may wish to collect.

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Rare and Collectable

Africa Orientale (Europa Series) (no magazine)

Simulation of the campaign fought in the horn of Africa in 1940-41. Ex

Base price: £24.95
Final price: £15.95
36% discount!

Anzio (4th Edition)

Excellent un-punched copy, The Battle for Italy, 1944. High complex,

Final price: £74.95

Army Group Narwa: Fight without Mercy (Three Crown Games). Number 68

As a continuation of the Leningrad –Novgorod Offensive of January 19

Final price: £44.95

ASL Rules: 2nd Edition (2020 Binder Reprint Edition)

In shrink OOP. Rule Book for this tactical WWII series. 2020 Reprint

Final price: £92.95

Atlantic Wall

Atlantic Wall is a battalion-level game of the D-Day invasion. Content

Final price: £150.00

Bellum Gallicum II

Bellum Gallicum II is a historical simulation which retraces the campa

Final price: £29.95

C3I Magazine. Number 7

Preowned in Excellent Condition

Final price: £17.95

Citadel of Blood. Number 5

Excellent condition, counters un-punched

Final price: £24.95

Conquest of North America (Fantasy Games Unlimited)

Conquest of North America is a Diplomacy variant. Components include 2

Final price: £19.95

Degueiio at Dawn: The Battle of the Alamo

Degueiio at Dawn: The Battle of the Alamo

Final price: £49.95

East Front

East Front is a simulation on a Corps/Army level of the Russo-German w

Final price: £59.95

En Point Toujours (Always on Point)

French paratroopers in Indochina. The game from Vae Victus #16. Very g

Final price: £9.95

Festung Budapest: The Siege of Budapest, 1945

OOP Last Copy. New in Shrink. The eighth Historical ASL module, takes

Final price: £485.00

Great War in Europe - Japanese Edition (Kokusai-Tsushin Co., Ltd.)

The Great War in Europei s a game simulating the campaigns of the main

Final price: £39.95

Highlander (BSO Games)

Battles of Culloden and Prestonpans, 1745

Final price: £39.95

Hube's Pocket. Number 4

Slight compression in the centre of the box, shrink wrapped German 1st

Final price: £195.00

Italian Campaign: Sicily to the Alps (Histo Games)

The WWII invasion of Sicily and Italy between the years of 1943 - 1945

Final price: £84.95

Jacksonville: the Beaches of Doom

Jacksonville: the Beaches of Doom is a hypothetical "what if?" depicti

Final price: £24.95

Jagdpanther Volume 3 (The March on India, 1944). Number 11

This is a wargame on the battles of Imphal and Kohima 1944.

Base price: £44.95
Final price: £34.95
22% discount!

Kaiserschlacht 1918 (2nd Edition 2005)

Kaiserschlacht —1918, is a low-complexity, two-player or multi-playe

Final price: £64.95

La Bataille de Corunna-Espagnol . Number 9

La Bataille des Corunna - Espagnol -- January 16th, 1809; Moore vs. So

Final price: £125.00

Napoleon’s Triumph: The Battle of Austerlitz

Austerlitz block wargame Open copy, contents in pristine condition (bo

Base price: £250.00
Final price: £220.00
12% discount!

Objectif Varsovie 1944 (Target Warsaw 1944) (net4war)

Objectif Varsovie 1944 (Target Warsaw 1944) covers the second part of

Final price: £27.95

Operation Bagration: June-July 1944 (net4war)

Bagration 1944 is the codename of the Soviet offensive against the Hee

Final price: £27.95

Redguard! The Chinese Cultual Revolution

THE CHINESE CULTURAL REVOLUTION Up to 6 players struggle for control

Final price: £11.95

Reich: The Iron Dream of German Unification (Chaosium)

REICH portrays events in Germany between the Reformation and the unifi

Final price: £34.95

Schutztruppe: East African Guerilla 1914-1918 (Jim Bumpas)

Very Good condition punched copy including the original manila envelop

Base price: £79.95
Final price: £59.95
25% discount!

Second Front Playtest Kit. Number 4

This is the original playtest kit for the GR/D Europa game Second Fron

Final price: £150.00

Slim River (Perry Moore)

On January 7, the British 12th Brigade, which had been hammered back f

Final price: £9.95

Sun Never Sets, Volume II (Double Issue). Number 274

An operational simulation of three major 19th century wars in which th

Final price: £54.95

Tactics II

Box is worn and shows its age, contents are in very good condition.

Final price: £24.95

The Fall of Tobruk (Cool Stuff Unlimited)

"The Fall of Tobruk" is a wargame simulation of Rommel's May- June 194

Final price: £29.95

The Cuban Revolution

Communism and Revolution in the Western Hemisphere

Final price: £19.95

The East is Red. Number 42

Pristine Un-Punched Copy, a collectors item Strategy & Tactics No.42 J

Final price: £49.95

The Europa Almanac

The Europa Almanac is a rare and out of print publication by John Aste

Final price: £19.95

The Fall of South Vietnam

The battle for Saigon Very good punched copy.

Base price: £79.95
Final price: £59.95
25% discount!

The Habit of Victory: Napoleon's Campaign in Poland, 1807

Rare very good unpunched copy, content is in great condition,

Final price: £99.95

The War Game: World War II (Pegasus Hobbies)

Fans often call it "Axis and Allies on Steroids".

Final price: £295.00


A new operational, division level WW 1 system inspired by the brillian

Final price: £49.95

This Hallowed Ground. Number 1

Civil War Regimental Sub-Series #1 : The Battle of Gettysburg :

Final price: £295.00

Time War: A Game of Time Travel and Conflict

Time War: A Game of Time Travel and Conflict A very good condition pun

Final price: £17.95

Vimeiro (Markham Designs)

The Anglo-French encounter at Vimeiro in Portugal on 11 August 1808.

Base price: £35.95
Final price: £26.95
25% discount!

Von Vietinghoff's 10th Army (Private Coterie Game)

Tactical battles in Salerno 1943 Japanese rules, counters and map in E

Final price: £150.00

Waterloo (1st Edition)

Very good punched copy Refight the last great campaign of Napoleon, in

Final price: £34.95

Wings over France (Lambourne Games)

A solitaire WWI wargame, simulating the day-to-day operations of a RFC

Final price: £59.95

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