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Command Magazine (Shogun Triumphant: The Battle of Sekigahara)

Number: 23




Price £23.95
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Theme:      Rennaissance      Magazines and Books     

Shogun Triumphant is a two-player historical simulation of the most famous land battle in Japanese history: The Battle of Sekigahara.

Included are a 14 page booklet of rules, charts and tables, a 22" x 34" map of the battlefield, and 158 counters.

Units are broken into factions and clans... one player commands the Eastern Army, the other player commands the West. Extensive rules for Melee Combat, Clan Effectivenes, and Defections are provided.

Victory is determined by counting loss of "Stalwartness Points". The first player to drop 160 points due to losses and defections, loses the game. If the game manages to last eight turns, without either player losing, the Western player is assumed to win.

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