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Condottieri: The Battle of Castagnaro

Number: 54




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Product Description

Theme:      Rennaissance      Magazines and Books      Discounted     

New Copy, has rusty staples  from long-term storage.

Wargamer Vol.1 No.54 June 1986


Condottieri (by Tom Sundell)

Condottieri depicts the Battle of Castagnaro which was fought on March 11, 1387 between the field armies of Varona and Padua. The battlefield lies adjacent to the River Adige in Northern Italy. Sir John Hawkwood (Padua) v. Giovanni dei Ordelqaffi (Verona) Med complex, 100 counters, 2 players, 2+ hours. Units represent leaders, gunners, carroccio, bombards, archers, peasant levy, town militia, crossbowmen, pikemen, foot & mounted men-at-arms. Ground Scale is 75 - 100 yards per hex : each turn represents 30 minutes of time. Combat includes both fire & melee


Hawkwood: Master Condottiere - T.Sundell
- Historical background to "Condottieri"

Rommel's War (QtrD) - R.Berg
- Game review

The World at War - V.von Borries
- House rules for Axis & Allies

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Computer Wargames
- Alternate Reality (Datasoft)
- Phantasie (SSI)

More Variations on a Theme - J.Meldrum
- Variant scenarios for: China Incident, MacArthur Road to Bataan,
O'Connor's Offensive, End of the Iron Dream, Fight for the Beaches,
Struggle for Stalingrad, Custer's Luck.

West Font (SimCan)
- Game review - S.List
- Designer's response - S.Newberg
- Reviewer's reply - S.List

G2 / Hobby News - K.Poulter

- Counterstroke in France (Task) - P.Adams
- Warlords: China in Disarray (Panther) - B.Swieringa

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